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Topic Challenges for this week

Are you up for a challenge Reception Class? Below are 5 challenges. Can you complete a different challenge each day? Who can complete all 5 challenges this week? smiley


1. Maths Challenges - Have a look on the White Rose Maths website for their daily challenges (under week 4).


Please note - School have subscribed to White Rose Maths. Please do not subscribe to it at home. Thanks. smiley


2. Have a try at one of these creative Maths activities at home.

3. Picture News: The BIG QUESTION this week is:-


What different things do we see through the day and at night?


Have a look at the documents below and see if you can complete any of the activities or answer any of the questions with an adult. 

4. People who help us - Below are some activities to help you learn about the role of a vet. You may wish to choose an activity to complete. smiley
5. The daily writing suggested activities this week have been about 'Down on the farm!' Below, are some more activities linked to farm and farm animals that you may wish to do.