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Topic Challenges for this week

Are you up for a challenge Reception Class? Below are 5 challenges. Can you complete a different challenge each day? Who can complete all 5 challenges this week? 

1. Picture News: The BIG QUESTION this week is:-


How does a zoo take care of all its animals?


Have a look at the documents below and see if you can complete any of the activities or answer any of the questions with an adult. 

2. Can you spend 5/10 minutes every day this week on Sumdog and on Oxford Owl? Remember sumdog login details are on Tapestry. If your parents/guardians can't login to Tapestry, then ask them to email me and I will email out login details.  Sumdog is really good for helping to develop those essential early number skills. smiley


Oxford Owl has lots of eBooks that you can read. To Access Oxford Owl, click on the link below and type in the login details.


To login, you will need to type the following details:

Username: christchurchyr

Password: magic

3. Here are some extra phase 3 phonics activities that you may wish to do at home:
4. Here are some outdoor activities that you may wish to do at home: smiley
5. You may wish to have a try at the following creative activities below: