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Answers to White Rose:

1). 3.96l     2). £11  3).  1436 I total by adding first 4 and multiplying by 50 (50 x 4 = 200)



Tuesday 31st March

Because its busy in school I decided to post early ready for tomorrow (get me!).  

How have you got on with the Funny face challenge? We are going to do this in school tomorrow- Lily I didn't notice the difference!!! (only joking).



You can have  ago at the activities on  a bit of paper then check your answers.

White Rose Problem of the Day:




I thought this would appeal to you all. Can you answer the questions from the picture?


Science - Classification



As you know we are looking at classification of animals. This clip and the two after it, are good at explaining different animals.


This is good for looking at classification keys (system that Linnaeus used).We will be looking at this tomorrow.