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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Morning Reception Class smiley,


I hope you are all well and staying safe. Please remember that these activities are only suggestions. I would rather set more work than not give you enough to do. You can choose which activities you would like to do. smiley


Here are the challenges for today:-


1. Phonics:


Starter - We are going to recap on the tricky words that we have learnt so far. You may wish to listen to the tricky word songs on YouTube on the link below or you may wish to ask an adult to write the tricky words on pieces of paper and hide them around your house. Then you can go on a tricky word hunt and see which ones you can remember. Don't worry if you have forgotten any of them, I'm sure an adult in your house can help you to remember them. smiley The tricky words that we have learnt so far are:






















Today, we are learning three new tricky words. They are, 'come', 'some' and 'have'. Ask an adult to write these words down for you to practise reading them. Then, see if you can write them from memory. Remember 'some' and 'come' are very similar and you will be able to use your phonics to spell 'have', just remember to add the magic 'e' on the end. Below is a tricky word song for the new tricky words that we would of learnt in class this half term. See if you can spot 'have', 'some' and 'come' in the song.



Then complete pages 52 and 53 in your Phonics CGP book. Can you find and read the tricky words?


Perhaps, you could write the words using chalk outside in your garden to help you remember how to spell 'have', 'some' and 'come' correctly.




You may wish to have a try at the word search puzzles below for phase 2 words (first set of tricky words that we have learnt this year), phase 3 words (second set of tricky words that we have learnt this year) and phase 4 words (new set of tricky words that we are learning this half - term). There are also some sheets to help you practise reading and writing tricky words and a powerpoint with the new tricky words that we have learnt today.

2. Writing - Today, we are going to be looking at the story of 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. If you have this book at home, ask an adult if they can read the story to you. We have read this story a few times over the year but it would be good to refresh your memory. smiley Or if you haven't got the story at home, then watch the story on the link below:-


Zog's 'super power' is being able to fly. If you could have a super power, what would it be, and why? Draw a picture of what your 'super power' would be and write a sentence using your phonics to describe it. You can use the template below if you like. 

3. Maths - Today, we are continuing to learn about subtraction. Have a look at the Powerpoints below to recap on what subtraction is. Can you read the subtraction number sentences and work out the answers?

Then, complete page 14 in the Maths CGP book on subtracting. Remember to use your favourite objects to help you work out the subtraction number sentences (e.g. unicorns, dolls, teddies, trains, cars, dinosaurs, sea creatures etc).


Optional challenges:-


Maths Challenge -  Click on the link below to watch the video for challenge day 2 for Supertato or read the challenge below. Can you work out which maths facts are correct?

Topic Challenge: Below are some activities on 'people who help us' that you may wish to do at home. For example, you may wish to colour and make an ambulance or colour and make one of the people who help us masks, learn some first aid tips, act out being a doctor and fill in a patient form or label one of the people who help us. Enjoy!

I hope you all have a fun day of home learning. Please keep sending in your photos. I love to see what you are all doing at home. smiley


Take care, stay safe, be kind and keep smiling. smiley




Miss Farnworth. smiley