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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning Reception Class,


I hope you are all keeping well and safe. I am missing you all but hoping that we will be able to see each other again soon. Keep smiling and being superheroes!


Did anyone take part in the body coach PE lesson with Joe Wicks yesterday? The children at school enjoyed taking part. We will be taking part in it again this morning. Perhaps, you would like to take part again or if you didn't get chance yesterday have a try for the first time? It would be lovely to see some photographs or videos of you taking part on Tapestry. Please remind your parents that if they have lost or forgotten their login details to ring or email me and I can reset their password.smiley


Maths - Today, we will be looking at making repeating patterns. There is a worksheet on this in your CGP Maths book on page 34. You need to work out the pattern and draw the correct shapes to continue the pattern. Perhaps, you could make some repeating patterns at home using colours or objects. For example, you may have grey and white socks and make the following pattern:-


grey sock, white sock, grey sock, white sock, grey sock, white sock.


See how creative you can be. Can you make any patterns in your garden using natural objects? It would be lovely to see your pattern work. Please feel free to post me a picture on Tapestry. smiley   I will try to post some photographs of the children in school making patterns.


Phonics - Complete pages 34 and 35 in your CGP Phonics book. Today, we are recapping on 'th' and 'ng' sounds. You may wish to play another game of buried treasure on PhonicsPlay to practise reading words with 'th' and 'ng' in.


Reading - Please try to read some of your reading book or a book on Oxford Owl or have a story read to you. 5/10 minutes a day will really help develop your reading skills. smiley


Optional - If you didn't make a rainbow at home yesterday, you may wish to paint, draw or make one today. A big well done to Ava who has sent me a photograph on Tapestry of her beautiful rainbow! smiley Or if you did a rainbow yesterday and would like a new challenge, then see website below for some outside art ideas. The small group of children at school today will be making some outdoor art. You may wish to go in your garden and collect natural objects - what could you make with your objects? A face, an animal, a tea party for fairies, a fairy door. Be as creative as you like. smiley




Please note - the most important thing about learning is having fun. Keep having lots of breaks and drinking lots of water. I am so proud of all of you. Keep safe and keep in touch!


Miss Farnworth smiley