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Good Morning my lovelies!

Hope you are well- did you enjoy the Silly SATs? A bit more lighthearted than the real thing!

Today I've set a reading task and an arithmetic code breaker (you don't need to print either off - just need to have access to  a screen to read the text. Hands up if you need a copy of Skellig to read? I'll post a copy to you if you need one please let me know- I'd like all of us to have a  copy...I'm going to try to record myself reading it so you can at least listen to it, even if you can't read it yourself.

Have a go at this maths starter to wake you up this morning- It's good fun!  (HANSON!)


If you are struggling to look at work online...please complete the work on conversions in the maths workbook.

Keep smiling!