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Read this story together:

Trickster Tales

(this website is free but will need a login):

An audio is available to listen to alongside. Re-read each page out loud after listening to the audio.

Discuss what happened in the story.

Read it again before the activity below.


After re-reading the story, re-tell it in your own words. Practise your sentences out loud before writing them down.

Use these sentence openings to help:

One morning …

After that …

Then …

Meanwhile …

It wasn’t long before …

Later on …

In the end …

Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence together.


You could present your story as a book and add some pictures/illustrations.

Read your story out loud to a family member or via an online video platform to other family members, e.g. grandparents. Ask them to say what they like about your story.

Another crocodile story to listen to and enjoy!
Please look at slides 1-5. Here is the link for slide 4.

Make a list of the light sources that you spotted in the clip.

Complete the activity on slide 5.