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Tuesday 30.6.20

Tuesday 30th. June

Today is the last day of June! Can you believe it?!! Here is your learning for today...


Here is your White Rose Maths work.


Today you are going to find out a bit more about skateboarding tricks, in particular how to perform an 'Ollie' on a skateboard. You need to watch these You Tube clips. The second clip goes into a lot more detail so you might want to take some notes while you are watching it. When you have watched the clips I would like you to write your top ten tips for performing an 'Ollie' on a skateboard. You can use my template or design your own. I've learned something new today! Over to you...


Investigate the work of artist Keith Haring. He has often used figures on skateboards in his artwork. Have a look at the power point about him and then have a go at making your own skateboard image in his style. You will need a thick black marker pen and some bright primary coloured felt tips!