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Wednesday 1.7.20

Wednesday 1st. July

It's July! Here's your learning for the first day of July. Make it a good day! smiley


Here is your White Rose Maths work.


We are going back to the text today from 'Run Wild'. You need to read the rest of the extract from page 9 to the end. Make sure that you check the meaning of any unfamiliar words in a dictionary or by using WordHippo online. When you have finished reading I want you to concentrate on the character of Izzy today. How has Izzy been feeling at different points in the story? It might be a good idea to go back to the text and try to find the parts involving Izzy's character. You could think about the bits of the story where her emotions change. On the template below (or by designing your own) write some adjectives that describe Izzy's character. Remember to say how you know using evidence from the text about how she behaves and what she says for example; I think Izzy is determined because she tries to get into the gas works. Over to you...