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Morning all, hope you like the new improved class pages. Mrs Canipa has made it easier to find things, she is very clever.

I thought it might be fun today to practise some tricky spellings. Have a look at page 41 the soft g sound. Try and think of as many words as you can with that spelling pattern, then try and write a story using as many of the words as you can. Me and Lexi will have a go at school, check back later and we will put our attempt up. 


For your maths today use dice or cards to make 2-digit numbers and add them together. Which method will you need to use?

If you can do that easily maybe try some subtraction page 22 and 24 will help your grown-up if you get stuck wink


Have a lovely day, I'm off to make breakfast for the children at school. 

Here's one we did in school, what do you think?


Once upon a time there a was a little girl called Gentle Orange Angel Hood. She had to go to her Granny's house to take some magic gems for her Granny to make into jewellery. Before she went mum told her don't go under the bridge, go over the bridge and watch out for the giant dangerous giraffe. A few minutes later she was at the bridge which was huge! An old smelly cabbage came from the hedge it was so stinky she had to get away from it . Suddenly the giant dangerous giraffe appeared and said 'STOP right there!' The giraffe had just been to the gym so he was full of energy and he said 'do you want a ride to your Granny's house?' Yes please' she replied and they went to her Granny's place. When they got there Granny made them some gingerbread men and they all lived happily ever after. 


How many soft 'g' words can you spot?


Here's another from BS

My soft g song
The giant had a gem in a gym.
In age it was very very old.
It had germs on it.
The giant was gigantic and the gem was small.
The giraffe wanted to steal the gem but the giant killed the giraffe and put him in a cage for his breakfast.
The giant had a pet gerbil it was so fluffy and ginger.
And that’s the end of the giant story.