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Wednesday 22.4.20

Wednesday 22nd. April

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday! Keep smiling everyone! laugh



Another quick read first today. Answers are attached to the comprehension sheet.


Read the story on this power point. It's called 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. Which well known fairy tale do you think it is based on? Then have a go at answering the questions. The answers are also here.





As part of our ancient Egypt research, we are going to find out about ancient Egyptian pharaohs today. A pharaoh was the ruler of all of Egypt, like a king. Most pharaohs were men but there were a few female pharaohs as well. The pharaoh was thought to be a god and so had to be treated like one! Have a look at this power point for some more info. Then watch the BBC Bitesize clip.


Learn to draw like an ancient Egyptian!!!


A lot of what we know about life in ancient Egypt actually comes from the artefacts and wall paintings found in tombs - the places were ancient Egyptians were buried. The ancient Egyptians believed that after you died you passed into an afterlife where you carried on living and therefore you needed to bring with you all the important items that you needed in life. That's why people were buried with so much stuff!!!


Ancient Egyptian artists had a particular way of drawing the human figure which can look quite strange to our modern day eyes. Have a look at some ancient Egyptian art and see if you can spot what I'm talking about...


Then have a go at copying an ancient Egyptian drawing. You might like to try the scene with Tutankhamun.