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Wednesday 22nd April

Super work from our class!

English - The Highway Rat


I think it is about time that the Highway Rat made an apology for all his wrong doings.


Can you pretend that you are the Highway Rat and write a letter to the Duck or one of the other animals saying how sorry you are and ask them for forgiveness?

MATHS COMPETITION - Number and Place Value 1-50


Watch the four videos in order to see what the competition is. Who will be the winner? Who will be the fastest? Who can beat Mrs Ireland?


On the third and forth videos if you do not want to watch them to the end (as you'll get the jist of the competition) scroll to the end to find out how long it took me to complete.


All will be revealed when you watch the videos.


Please also find resources attached to help if you want. 

Video One

Still image for this video

Video Two

Still image for this video

Video Three

Still image for this video

Video Three - continued

Still image for this video
Good luck and let me know your time. Come on, who will be the fastest? Who will beat Mrs Ireland? Maybe you could get a sibling or adult to have ago too and see how they get on. Could you do it using numbers to 100?!!!!!

Phoincs - recaping the /or/ sound


The sound /or/ can be written in many different ways. The most common are...

or - fork

aw - saw

au - author


Please find a grid full of /or/ words. Can you sort the words into or, aw and au words?


There are also some other ways /or/ can be written down. Look out for these. We have not looked at these as much in class yet.....


augh - taught

ough - thought

a - ball

our - court

al - chalk


Please find resources below to help you recap the /or/ sound. Can you spot all the /or/ ways in the phoneme spotter text?


Science - materials and their properties

Can you describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials?


Play the feely bag game


If you can, get an adult to set up some feely bags for you. The bags should contain different everyday objects with different types of properties (soft, hard, smooth, rough, bendy, etc.). Feel inside each bag without looking. Can you say what you think the object is and describe how it feels? How many different words can you use to describe the objects properties?


Please find below 'properties' vocabulary you need to know and use. There are some you might not be familiar with e.g. transparent, opaque, rigid and brittle. Do you know these words? Can you use these correctly when you play the feely bag game?