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VE day 75 years -1970

Skellig extract and Q's

It is hump day (Wednesday to you and me!). I hope you are enjoying our 75 year timeline- today we are looking at 1970 (only  a few years before I was born..  I have included two things to watch, both of which will give you some insight into what it was like to live in this decade.


Maths: I have included some activities for you to have a go at home based on number of the day(it looks easier than it is).

Plus, please can you complete Set C test 1 and 2 in your 10 min workbook.


Reading please complete 30 mins on read theory- I will be checking what you've all been doing tomorrow afternoon.

Please also read chapter 1 of Skellig- if you haven't got the book use the extract above for chapters 1, 2 and 3.


Hope this will keep you busy!

I will be in school next Monday if you need any work printing off...

Have  a great day.