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Maths Reasoning Paper- if you cant print off do as amy as you can on paper

Science challenge cards- how many can you complete?

Good morning- How are you all today? Myself and Mr Peers are busy trying to sort out  a plan for school- it's  a hard  job, with lots of head scratching!frown

This morning I've planned a maths reasoning paper (today would have been maths!) and a Science Challenge. Hope you enjoy.

Please also check out our Read Theory Site and Sum Dog.




Life Skill number 1: learn how to touch type!

This program from BBC goes through several levels to develop your skills at using the keyboard- it is good fun and has a Liverpudlian Goat talking you through the stages...


Don't forget to send in your videos/pictures etc for our Year 6 has talent. I'll post our entries so far this morning.