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Read and enjoy this poem out loud together:

The Dentist and the Crocodile by Roald Dahl

Read the poem again out loud. Improve how you read it using an excitable voice where needed (expression).

Spot new and interesting words (write them down) and discuss what they mean, e.g. require, repair, quivered, quaked, fearsome, molars, weeping, despair, and any other new words you find.

Also, use a dictionary or Word Hippo to find meanings.

Look up the new words found in the poem to find synonyms (words that mean the same) by using a thesaurus or Word Hippo.

Write these down. This will help to practise spelling some new words and extend vocabulary.


Discuss your favourite parts of the poem.


Write a poem review using these ideas:

I like this poem because…

My favourite words in the poem are…

I would recommend this poem because…

Out of 10 stars, I would give this poem… because…

Check spelling and Punctuation in each sentence together. You could also read the poem out loud, film it, and send to a family member, teacher or friend.

Look at slides 6,7 and 8.
Complete the task on slide 6 after watching the clip.