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Wednesday 8th July 2020

Morning Reception Class smiley,


I hope that you are all well and staying safe.

Here are the suggested tasks for today:


1. Phonics - This week, we are recapping on the phonic sounds and tricky words that we have learnt so far. Today, we are recapping on the long 'oo' sound. Read the story below and circle any words with the long 'oo' sound in. Then, have a try at the 'oo' dice game below. Roll a dice and then read the words that are next to the number that you rolled. 

2. Writing - Below is a document produced by the English team at Lancashire County Council. They have come up with some Literacy lessons for Reception Class. The theme this week is 'The Snail and the Whale'. Below is the grid with the activities on with links to videos, texts and resources for the week. I have picked out an activity for you to do each day. However, feel free to select a different activity if you feel that your child would benefit/enjoy doing that activity more. I would love to see your work. Feel free to send me any work on Tapestry.  smiley


Find out all about humpback whales here: Humpback Whale – Animals for Kids


Now that you are an expert, tell someone else in your household some facts about the humpback whale! Perhaps you could write some facts down in sentences, using your phonics to help.

Watch this clip where the TV presenter is taken by surprise: Steve gets a surprise from a humpback whale.

Find out all about snails here: Snails for Kids.


You may remember this clip from the Big Bad Bugs unit earlier in the term! Can you recall some of the key facts about snails? Here is another link to learn more about snails: Are you a snail?

3. Maths -


Click on the link above. Today, we are looking at week 11, day 3.


Have a try at the activities in the document below:

Then, have a look at the document below on counting pets. Can you correctly count how many animals there are and then write the answer on a sheet of paper. 

If you are up for a challenge, have a look at the 'Topic Challenges for this week' section under week 13 on the remote learning for Reception. Feel free to send me any photographs of any learning at home.smiley


Have a good day!




Miss Farnworth.   smiley