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Year 2

Contacting your Teacher

To contact Mrs Askew either e-mail or phone on 01282 865398

Well who would have thought back when we started out on our learning journey together it would have ended like this! No Easter service, no SATs no sports day and no leaver service for our Year  6 class.

You have all been brilliant working at home and should be very proud of yourselves and your parents. I have enclosed a folder of ideas  you might want to dip in and out in the holidays (in case you get bored). There are some outdoor ideas and links to games and reading activities. 

I will be in school with the key worker children again this week and I will be sorting out all your books for mums and dads to collect. They will be available on Tuesday afternoon. If you can't make that day please phone the office and arrange an alternative time with Mrs Hirons. 

The builders have been busy and Mrs Sutton's new kitchen is nearly ready, I think she may get to cook in it this week. I will try and take some photos. The new yard on the field is nearly ready, just a couple of heath and safety things to complete. You will have such fun on that enormous playground when you return to the juniors. Mrs Johnson is excited to have a flat playground for your PE lessons, no more balls rolling down the playground. The builders are now getting ready to make a super new classroom for Year One to come back too. I hope they are not too noisy this week!

Try and send some last photos this week so we can see each other for one last time. I have put some pictures up of Reggie (the Labrador) and Ruby (the Spaniel) my lovely doggies. The little one is my sister's dog he is called Torres. smiley


This week's English:

Focus theme: Prepare to shrink to the size of an ant! In this film-themed week, explore characters and settings from a completely different viewpoint. Enjoy some wild adventures, dramatic escapes and see everyday objects as you’ve never seen them before! Warning! Alongside some of the clips viewed this week, there may appear advertisements for related film clips. Some of these are inappropriate and should be avoided. It is essential that parents monitor that children are remaining on the listed page only and are keeping safe online.

Photos from week commencing 13th July

Well it's another wet weekend as I sit and plan your home learning. I hope the sun comes back soon. I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed the bear work. We all enjoyed drawing Paddington at school. This week we are going to the zoo. 

Enjoy all the excitement of the zoo from the comfort of your own home! Listen to some animal themed poetry before taking on the role of researchers, as you prepare your own voice-over to accompany an animal film.
When following links online, parents please monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

Mrs Canipa has set you a PE challenge this week.

I will be in school with the key worker children again this week, keep emailing and sending your photos I really enjoying seeing you all. 

Photos week commencing 6th July. Someone had a birthday

Good morning Year Two, are you ready for another week of home learning? I know it is hard to keep up the motivation so if you don't fancy the activities just make sure you keep up with your reading, do a little bit of writing and some speedy maths facts. You could email me to practise your writing. If your parents are interested we could swap addresses and you could write to each other. Let me know what you think. 

It's been a very wet and windy weekend here in Settle so lots of damp doggy smells in the kitchen this morning. sad

I will be in school again with the key worker children, it's hard to catch up on phone calls but I will keep trying this week after school. You can email me as I have my laptop open all day at school.

The new school yard is nearly finished so when you come back the juniors will have their own yard at last! It's huge ! The builders have nearly finished the new kitchen for Mrs Sutton so she is super excited. Then they will start the new classroom for Year One. 

The builders make lots of noise but it's not the same noise as your laughter and chatter. Our classroom is no fun without you.

Missing you all, send some photos, lets see if we can collect a whole class full of photos this week. 

Focus theme: Please look after this bear! What is a bear? Where do bears live? What do they eat? Finding answers to some of these key questions will ensure you are well prepared when you meet lots of bears this week! Some bears you may already know – perhaps from some of your favourite children’s books; others may be new to you. At the end of the week, you’ll have the opportunity to write your own story with a bear as its heart. When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

some lovely work

Good morning Year Two. I hope you have had a super weekend. The weather has been mixed with us in Settle. I has a lovely bike ride on Saturday to visit my friend on her farm. I forgot how big the hill was to get there though. I was very red by the time I arrived!  We had a lovely catch up in her garden and I got to see how big all the lambs were. What did you get up?

This week you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of Oliver Jeffers’ most entertaining and thought-provoking books. You’ll even be able to have a go at writing your own in a similar style!
When following links online, please monitor your child to ensure they remain on that page only and are keeping safe online.

Pictures week commencing 22nd June

Good morning Year Two. I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. I bought more plants for my garden( while Mr Askew wasn't looking) and planted lots of tubs for the summer. I hope they grow. I also saw Katie my daughter for the first time since the lock down started. I was very pleased to her! We had a BBQ in the lovely sunshine, and I got a little bit sun burnt. Keep trying hard with your learning, I know it's not as much fun as being at school and we are all missing our friends. Keep going. 

This week you will have the opportunity to read, perform and enjoy some entertaining poems written by famous poets. Using your own experiences as inspiration, you’ll innovate on some of these poems, using them as models in order to write your own!

pictures week commencing 15th June

Good morning Year Two, I hope you are all safe and happy and enjoyed your weekend. I was pleased to see some of you were quiz masters over the weekend with your bird quizzes. Well done. 


What else have you been up to?


We had quite a lot of rain this weekend so I did some baking and boring tidying up, I also did some reading snuggled up on the sofa. Reggie the pup has been mostly well behaved this weekend, he met some escaped lambs on our walk yesterday but thankfully he came straight back when I called him and didn't chase them! phew! He did chew through Emily's charger for her laptop which wasn't good, especially as it was plugged in! He survived as we managed to switch it off just in time. 


I will be working from home this week, I have lots of jobs to keep me busy I will looking at the new topics you will be learning in

Year 3 today. Don't forget to send some pictures or email me your news. Be good and work hard smiley

English focus theme: Be happy! Be brave! Be kind!
This week you will explore some inspiring stories with key messages.
Towards the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to spread a little happiness by writing your own story to inspire others.
When following links online, don't forget to monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

Good morning Year Two. How was your half term? Did you play out in the sunshine lots? I spent my half term decorating the kitchen, it wasn't on my list of jobs but a certain puppy decided to pull a small loose piece of wallpaper and a very large piece came off! He is a naughty boy indecision. Send me some photos of what you have been up to so your friends in school can see you.

I'm going to put lots of ideas for science up this week, you don't need to do all of them, you may not have things that are needed, don't worry, they are just ideas. Good luck.

I am in school this week looking after the key worker children so I might not be as quick to reply to emails, I will check them before school and at lunchtime if I can get a minute. 

Have a good week and keep safe you lovely little humans, I miss you all lots. 

Photos week commencing 1st June

Continue your research to write your own information book on birds for children of the same age! Each page could feature a different bird. Remember to include headings, sub-headings, diagrams and even an amazing fact or two!

Some brilliant bird quizzes

LPDS TV Episode Two

LPDS TV has been devised for teachers, parents and children, to provide fun and simple games and activities for engaging children in learning outside of scho...

Good morning Year Two, if we were still at school you would have done your SAT's this half term and today would have been a celebration of all your hard work. No one is more disappointed than me that you have not been here to shine like I knew you would.

I am proud of all you, I know you are all learning in different ways because I've spoken to most of you. 

Keep going, keep sending the pictures. Have a lovely half term, make sure you look after your new teachers at home and let them put their feet up.

Good morning Year 2 I hope you and your family are all well. How was your weekend? I was very excited to find a hedgehog in my garden on Saturday night. I left some of the dogs food out and it seemed to like it as it had disappeared in the morning.


I am at home again this week, but will be in school one day to help get ready for reopening. So if I don't respond to your emails immediately I will catch up with them as soon as I can.


For English for the next couple of weeks we are looking at amazing birds! Prepare to be amazed! Over the next fortnight, enjoy finding out all about our amazing feathered friends, using a range of texts, online resources and articles.

When following links online, parents remember to monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online. smiley

LPDS TV Episode One Some good ideas for games to play at home.

LPDS TV has been devised for teachers, parents and children, to provide fun and simple games and activities for engaging children in learning outside of scho...

Check out some interesting facts

Good Morning my lovely Year 2. I hope you had a lovely weekend, did you celebrate V E Day? I was at school we made a soldier and some poppies, if you walk past school you will see them. I am at home this week with the doggies and Mr Askew, he's going to be nocturnal as he is working the night shift, lots of tiptoeing round the house for me! Hope you enjoy the Horrid Henry English this week. Keep sending the photos it helps us all feel a bit more connected. 

Good Morning Year Two. I hope you have had a lovely weekend and played out in the sunshine. I'm in school this week, but don't worry you can still send me photos and email me your news. We will be doing some science in week, I will put some things on Face Book so hopefully you can join in at home. We will also be finding out about VE day, I'll share our plans with you so you can follow our activities at home. 

For English this week each day there is some work around Julia Donaldson book characters. You may have several of these Julia Donaldson texts at home.
Dig out some old favourites and enjoy re-reading them together! Perhaps you could add to a chart each day, detailing the title, a brief summary and a star recommendation.
Where possible, links will also take you to audio or film clips in order that you can share texts this way. The animated films of ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’, ‘Stick Man’, ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘The Highway Rat’ are currently available on BBC iPlayer.

Lots of creative ideas for maths, you don't need to print anything if you are struggling to print or watch the White Rose, this is alternative idea-not additional! 😊

A fabulous powerpoint by someone in our class

Summer 1

Good morning my lovely Year Two class, this week I am at home. It is even stranger than being at school with only a few children! I have got Ruby and Reggie to keep me company though, Mr Askew is busy being a police officer today so the house is very quiet. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and not eaten too much chocolate! I would love to hear what you've been up or see some photos. 

If we were at school we would be doing our science project all about animal habitats. Don't worry though, you can do it all home, you will even have some animal habitats in your garden, house or close by you can find when you go for a walk. If you look on Oxford Owls there are some great online books you can read see how many different habitat you can find out about. 

Weekly photos week 27th April

Spring 2

These boys have been busy, they have painted pebbles with lovely messages to cheer up the elderly neighbours. Well done boys I am very proud of you.

The Blue Umbrella - Chunk 1

It all started in the dark city when the Heavens opened and it began to pour.
Hundreds of umbrellas popped up simultaneously.
All of them were black except for one, named Blue Umbrella.
Blue Umbrella felt joyful about the rain.
Umbrellas love the rain!
Blue Umbrella looked all around him in search of an umbrella as happy as himself.
The roads and the streets glittered with the rain.
The mass of umbrellas approached the crossing and everyone's journey came to a halt.


Wow check out this writing from a boy in our class. His initials are JH, can you guess which super writer it was ?

Lovely photos today from Year Two

Lacie is busy busy today too. Keep the photos coming.

Zac has been busy this morning, not sure Joe Wickes has a snooze half way through 😂. Lovely book review and very indigenous to draw your own boxes rather than print.

I hope you are still reading and enjoying lots of stories, if you have read a good book why not do a review. You don't have to print it off but you could use the template for ideas. When you have finished you could e-mail me and I will share it on our class page..

Friday can only mean arithmetic test day in Year Two. Try your best and if mum or dad get stuck the answers are on the last page.

Zac's shop is open for business

Thursday 26th March today's problem of the day

Today can you look at page 51 Money. If you are lucky you might be able to look in someones purse or pocket at some real coins. 

You could open a shop up at your house and sell things to your brother or sister. You might even need to give some change.  If you can use the computer there are some good money games on ICT games. Don't forget sumdog too I can see Jasper and Brooke have been sharpening their skills. 

Hi, I appreciate you can't print all these things out, but the children do like the 60 second reads at school. You could just answer the questions verbally.

Well done Class Two. Zac and Daisy have been doing the alphabet hunt - I like Zac's choice for Z :.) I wonder what Lacie is growing ? Grace and Imogen look busy too.

Wednesday 25th March

Morning all, hope you are all ok and enjoying the lovely sunshine but still doing your work wink


Today can you look at page 60-61 and revise your 3D shapes, you can probably finds lots of 3D shapes in your house. Don't forget you can go on Sumdog. I can see lots of you have been practising your spelling and maths well done.  If you want you can follow the link to White Rose and follow their virtual lessons.

Don't forget to try today's maths problem. 

Alphabet hunt.Can you compile an alphabetical list of things in your house. For an extra challenge you could put the noun into a noun phrase. If you need to revisit noun phrases try page 7 of your English book.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Madison happy birthday to you xxsmiley

Morning all, here is Lacie doing her shape hunt in the sunshine, Imogen has sent a message to say she is busy with her maths, what are you all up too? I am in school, wishing you were all here too.

Tuesday 24 th March


Today can you look at page 59 in your maths book it's all about 2D shapes. When you have completed it see how many different shapes you can find in your house. Let me know the most unusual, I am sat in the hall I can spot lots and lots.


For your English can you look at page 52 and complete the homophones and other words. I bet you can all think off lots and lots of other homophones. 


Don't forget to make a rainbow picture for your window. See if your grown up can send me a picture then I can print it out and display it in the window at school too. 


It has been a very strange day at school without you all, it's just too quiet. I hope you are all ok send me some messages if you can to let me know what you've been up too. 


Tuesday 24th Problem of the Day

Well done Zac, you were the first person to answer the problem of the day. No change there wink.

This afternoon you can look in your new shiny books and complete the first couple of pages that recap Year One learning. If there is something you get stuck with let me know. 


Below are a range of online activities for you to investigate with your child.

These materials are supplied in good faith and are meant as an additional resource.

We remind parents to ensure that their child is safe online.