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Contacting Mrs Marsh

either e-mail or call on 01282 865398

Morning Year Three!

Yippppeeeeeeee, It's Friday and time for the Easter holidays.

English - please sign into the Read Theory with your login details that are stapled into your English comprehension books. Read the passage and answer the questions. 

Sumdog challenge! Let's see who can be at the top of the leaderboard. I will be keeping an eye on you throughout the day! 

Arithmetic test

Choose a Christchurch challenge to complete and send me a picture.
Watch the videos then do the Holy Week quiz. Then draw a picture of one part of Holy Week and explain what is happening in the picture.

Happy Thursday!

Please complete the speech marks for direct speech activity on Espresso. Then the next comprehension in your book.

Then complete the next comprehension.
I have set some times tables on Sumdog. You can access this from 9am.
Science - can you make a list of all the things that are magnetic around your house. 

Here is a message from Mr Bissett.

Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe but most importantly eating lots of biscuits!!


Please complete the next comprehension. 

Then read five pages of your reading book.

Send me some silly faces too! Here is one that Lydia and I did!

Mrs Marsh and Lydia's silly face!

Mrs Marsh and Lydia's silly face! 1

Design your own Roman shield.

Can you tell me the name of the formation that the Roman's made with their shields?


Roman Image

Roman Image 1

Good Morning Year three. I hope you have had a nice weekend and have been staying safe. I have been trying to keep Murphy Marsh occupied. He doesn't understand that he is only allowed one long walk. Maybe I should make him an obstacle course in the garden, what do you think?

Don't forget to keep me updated with your pictures, I love to see what you are up to!

Mrs Marsh

Monday 30th March 2020
Guided Reading - I thought I would give you a short animation to watch about a robot. Please watch this carefully and answer the questions. 
Maths - Fractions. Then Topmarks hit the button.

Rainbow dog!

Rainbow dog! 1

Plate juggling!

Plate juggling! 1
This is Murphy's science Selfie! Amber you will be pleased to know that he is not multi-coloured!
Picture 1

Friday 27th March 2020

I can't believe it is Friday already! Hope you are staying safe and working hard!

Log into Espresso - Key Stage 2 - Romans and listen to and take notes from the available videos. There are six videos altogether.

Then English - Grammar and punctuation - Text - Using paragraphs to organise ideas. Have a go at this please.

Also have a look at maths - fractions and their decimals.

Last but not least, unwind to David Walliams! 

Morning my lovlies!

It's competition time!! Miss Rudge has added a school Sumdog maths competition from today. It will run from now until Monday. Come on Year Three, let's show the rest of the school what we are made of! yes

Thursday 26th March 2020

English - please complete the next comprehension from your targeted question book.


Guided Reading - as we are near to the end of The Secret of Platform 13, can you write how you think the story may end?

You could type it on a computer and sent it to me or write it out as a story. Do you think Raymond Trottle will go through the Gump and meet the king and queen?


Maths - try the fractions.

Spooky sounds
Sit quietly for 60 seconds, make a list of everything you can hear. Try this is different places, indoors, outdoor or even in the bath.
What do you think it would sound like in space? 


I have been walking Murphy this morning and I have taken a selfie. As we have been learning about forces can you recognise which movement I am making, is it a push or a pull? 

Science Selfie

Science Selfie 1


Wednesday 25th March 2020


I have left two Sumdog challenges for you today. One is the 8 times table and the other is a set challenge. They are available from 9am. Keep working hard with your maths, you are all superstars. Can anyone challenge Elsie?
Also can you complete the practice questions in the red study book (pg 30 & 31) fractions. We have done lots of these in class, so they should be easy to do.
English - Espresso. Please log in using the username and password. Click Key Stage 2 English. Click grammar  and punctuation. Click on Word, you will see using a or an. Please look at quiz, quiz plus and then do the activity. When this has been completed you can also have a go at the word families.
Time to relax and listen to a David Walliams story. Enjoy.

Chris tChurch Challenge!

Well done to the 12 who completed the Sumdog task. Elsie, you are today's mathematician, well done. Also some great information from Amber about the Romans.

It's Jamezday!!!

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Morning Year Three. Hope you are all well and staying safe.

Maths problem of the day!

I have set you all a challenge on Sumdog - fractions (available from 9 am - 15:30 pm). You all should be really good at this now! I will be checking your progress.

Well done to Jamie, Amber, Elsie and Jimmy who have already been using Sumdog. 

It has been a strange day today, I have missed you all very much and hope that it will not be long for us all to be together again enjoying the BC sshhhhh!


Please also read five pages of your reading book and tell your parents what has happened in the story.
We are (hopefully) going to be learning about the Romans after Easter. Please choose one of the following to research.
You may even find time to do some coding on Espresso?!

Good Morning Year 3, here are the daily challenges for you to have a go at.


Please complete page two and three of the English Comprehension, The Three Nanny Goats Gruff.

Below are a range of online activities for you to investigate with your child.

These materials are supplied in good faith and are meant as an additional resource.

Parents are reminded to keep ensure that their child is safe online.