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Year 4

*** Hello my lovely Year Fours!!! It's Mrs. Tilsley here! ***

Jeepers Creepers! It feels like a million years since I saw you all. I am better now and wishing that we were at school so that I could have a bit longer teaching you this year. I hope you, your family and friends are doing OK in these strange times. Here's how I remember you all... cheeky monkeys!


                      Here are the three cheeky monkeys who must have been off school the day we took that class shot! 

Monday 13th. July

Good morning everyone and welcome to your final week of Year 4 home learning. I just want to say a huge, enormous thank you and well done to all the lovely Year 4 children and parents. You have been absolute stars during this strange period of (not being at school) schooling. I feel so proud and grateful to be part of our Christ Church family. Parents, I applaud you for sticking with it despite the lack of motivation, boredom, tantrums and I'm sure downright refusals to work that your children might have shown at times over the last few months. I know you will all have done the best you can in your own individual circumstances (and hopefully, picked which battles to fight and which to just let go!) I have a tear in my eye as I write this. I'm sad that I actually only taught you all for a couple of months last year. I wish we could have had longer together. But then I know I will be able to watch you progress through the rest of primary school and develop into the wonderful human beings you all have the potential to be. So it's goodbye to Year 4 but remember I'm only next door when you move into Year 5 with Miss. Wood so you can come to chat to me whenever you want. I'll be disappointed if you don't! HAVE A FANTASTIC SUMMER, SUPER STARS!


Here are some extra ideas for Summer fun if you want them!

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