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Year 4 Ancient Egyptians

Here is some of Imogen's great work...
Take a look at Maddie's fabulous fact sheet. It's very informative! smiley
Here are Jack H's lego pyramids. There are two versions. The second pyramid has not yet been discovered! surprise
Here's some artwork by Mia and also a her step pyramid constructed from jelly. She built it then ate it! laugh
WOWSERS! Have a look at Erin's pyramid! cool
Here is Imogen's information sheet about mummification. It's very, very, very good indeed! yes
Here's Mollie practising her mummification skills on a tomato. surprise
If you're unsure how to mummify someone then here are some instructions from Lewis! laugh
This is Imogen’s Egyptian diary. Well done! 👀
Here’s Riley’s picture of King Tut. Fab! 👍

Here's our Year 4 Cleopatra!

This is Jack H's Egyptian diary as Howard Carter discovering King Tut's tomb. It's fabulous! Well done, Jack! blush I'm proud of you!