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Contacting Mrs Rayner

Either e-mail or call on 01282 865398

Our Virtual Residental Camp- have some fun with this and send me your pics

Summer 2

Look at our dreamcatchers from school- did you make one?

Please see if you can use this and post- I'm trying out some different ways for us to communicate !

A Year 6 special treat- a virtual trip to Chessington world of Adventures. Enjoy!

Plan a party- can you plan a party using this format for 30? (myself, Miss Rudge, Mrs Johnson and Mr Nield are invited...)

Morning lovely year 6- sorry for the late start- technical issues (I wasn't just late out of bed!!). I cannot appear to save on Friday- so this is Friday's work.



Today I have set some challenges - white rose, arithmetic and  a party planning activity (sort of fits with our picnic idea).SEE ABOVE


To all our Year 6's,

Tomorrow Mr Peers and myself would have been pacing around awaiting for the opening of your SATs papers. we would have welcomed you into school with a special breakfast club and greeted you with reassuring smiles. We would have looked at you with pride and offered you positive words to motivate you for the day, indeed week that lay ahead.

You may have had butterflies in your stomach and there would have been squeals of hysteria, groaning and hugs to reassure our friends. Most importantly we would have all been together.

However, tomorrow will be  a very different day. You will be at home safe with your loved ones. For some of you, you feel happiness and relief and some of you are frustrated and in disbelief. These SATs were going to be  a chance for you to show how hard you have worked this year and how we should never underestimate how hard you have tried at Nevertheless we don't need test results to show that and measure everything you have learnt. Just be you and continue to do your best. Many of your skills you've gained can't be defined by  a test; your kindness, creativity, sense of humour, resilience and ambition to name  a few. You will go forward from here representing Christ Church and you will show everyone how amazing  you are and that hard works pays off.

You have all come so far in the time we have known you. You are wonderful human beings who all have bright futures ahead of you. We may not be together but I promise you that all of the staff are so proud of  you  and always will be . Please never forget that.

Have  a wonderful day- tomorrow.  Keep safe. 

Love Mrs Rayner x


Summer 1

Here are some maths challenge activities that you can print out at home or I'll copy for pick up tomorrow. Please let me know if you need  a pack for pick up after 12.30 . Please email me on: 







Below are a range of online activities for you to investigate with your child.

These materials are supplied in good faith and are meant as an additional resource.

Parents are reminded to always ensure that their child is safe online.