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Year Four

We enjoyed sharing and testing the games we designed with Year One. We even showed them how to do some coding.

                                                                               Welcome to Year 4


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class page. Here is where you can find out what year 4 are learning about and any key information. 


Teacher: Mr Parsons

Teaching Assistant: Mrs King


Please bring in your P.E. kits on Thursdays for P.E. with Mrs Johnson


Homework will be sent home on Fridays (and posted on Teams). Please return your homework by the following Friday.



                                                                          Times Table Rockstars


Times Tables are very important in Year 4.


Firstly, sound timetable knowledge helps children succeed in all other areas of maths and makes learning maths that much easier.


Secondly, there is a statutory multiplication tables check in Year 4 which all children must take nationally.


To help learn our times tables we have signed up to Times Table Rockstars. This is an online times table learning resource proven to help children with times table recall. Please try to ensure your children log on and practice as often as possible.


Additional times table homework will also be sent home every Friday


Science Learning- Habitats- We went out and about within our school environment looking for and recording living organisms

Science Learning- Habitats- We created branching databases to classify some of the living organisms we found

Design Technology- We created Egyptian pyramids using sugar cubes. We created a pulley system to lift the last sugar cube on top

We have been writing pen-pal letters to a school in Wisconsin, USA! Here are the pictures that we sent by air-mail with our first batch of letters. Watch this space for examples when we write our next batch of letters!

Computing- Year 4 have been coding using Logo- We wrote algorithms on paper to create the code for different letters of the alphabet. We then produced the letters on FMS Logo

Science- We have been learning about Sound in Science. We have been thinking about how sound travels and have made these string telephones to help with our understanding.

Science- We went outside with a drum to help understand that sounds grow fainter as the distance from the sound source increases

Computing- Year 4 have been coding with scratch- we experimented with animating our initials using an infinite loop