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Year One

In the build up to World Book Day, Year 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from the recently published, local author - Dale Neal. Dale answered lots of the children's questions and read them poems from his funny book 'My socks have gone bonkers!' Thank you Dale and your daughter Essie for coming to see us.

Money, Money, Money! Year 1 did lots of activities with coins to be able to recognise the different coins and notes. They used them to count in 2s, 5s and 10s too.

Fruit Kebabs. The children investigated fruit from around the world including the kiwi, sharron fruit and mango. We compared tinned fruit and fresh. Then we designed and made our own fruit kebabs and they were yummy!

Class 1 have been learning all about plants and were lucky enough to have a visit from the Florist Julie of HedgeHogg. She told the children about different plants and we investigated their similarities and differences. Thank you Julie.

Art & Design - We choose watercolours to paint pictures of Tudor houses. We picked the correct size brush to paint the different parts of the house.

Art & Design - Painting. We experimented with a variety of sizes of paint brushes to see which were the best to paint the lines and shapes we wanted. We experimented with ready mixed paint and water colours to see which coverage we liked the best.

Art & Design - we used our favourite media ball point pen to create London skyline pieces of art. We observed photographs of the London skyline and used a variety of lines and shapes to draw the skyscrapers.

Year 1, had the fantastic opportunity to meet the Colne Fire service. They brought their fire engine and equipment and even let the children have a go at shooting water from the hose. We compared old and new methods of fire fighting and even though it was a rainy day, reenacted the burning of Pudding Lane in the Great Fire of London. Year 1 would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the fire fighters for coming to see us.

Year 1 were also, lucky enough to have a visit from a modern day baker, Mr Whiteside. He showed us the ingredients needed to bake bread. Together we discussed modern ways of baking and we compared it with methods used on Pudding Lane in 1666. He provided yummy biscuits for us to decorate and dough for us to make small loaves of bread. Mr Whiteside, then took the dough; baked it in his ovens and returned it for us to take home and share with our families. Year 1 would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Whiteside for providing all the delicious food!

The latest on what we have been learning about in Year One...

Art & Design - We have been experimenting with different media in our sketch books. We have used ballpoint pen, charcoal, pencils, oil pastels, and chunky graphite to make a variety of lines, shapes and patterns. We are going to create art work based on the London skyline using these media and skills. Keep an eye out for our final pieces.

Money - We have been working really hard to identify all our coins by their shapes, size and colour. We have been using different coins to make amounts e.g five 2ps make a 10p and two 5ps make a 10p.

English - stories with repetitive patterns. We loved 'I Aint Gonna Paint No More' by Karen Beaumont. We learnt the repetitive phrases and could retell the story out loud.

FRACTIONS!!!!!! We have been learning about halves and quarters of shapes and amounts.

Computing - We have been learning how to turn the laptops on and off correctly. How to 'log on' with a username and password. How to find our 'work folders' in the Year One area on the computer. How to single click and double click using the mouse pad.

2D shape - we have been identifying 2D shapes in different orientations by remembering their properties.

Data handling in Maths. We created a block graph to show which pets Year One liked the best. We then answered and asked some questions to interpret the data.

Knowing what makes a non-fiction text. We used lots of different types of non- fiction books to find the features.

We've also been using split pins to join our moving pictures. This week is anti-bullying week. We talked about how to make sad faces 'spin' to being happy. The children had lots of caring ideas to make others happy.

Year 1 are learning about capacity. We labelled the magic potions with the correct words - full, empty, half full and quarter full. Then we made moving measuring jug cards, using a hole punch was a bit tricky but we managed it! Be sure to use them at home.

Class 1 were very lucky to have a visit from a local artist, Jennifer Sims. Mrs Sims gave us lots of tips to help us with our paintings and told us about where she gets the inspiration for her own colourful, animal paintings.

We have been practicing counting in 5s by spinning spiders webs!

Back in the classroom, we used our artistic talents, that God has given us, to make pictures and patterns using the leaves, feathers and conkers that we found.

This Autumn, Year 1 have been investigating patterns within nature. We have been to the Church yard and looked closely at God's creations. We shouted a big "Thank you" to God for all of these beautiful things.

Year 1 have been learning about Continents and which animals live where. After studying Antarctica, we decided to use clay and tools, to make these lovely little fellows...

We have been finding out where our food comes from and have enjoyed tasting some of our favourite foods. We have been saying thank you to God for our wonderful Harvest.

Year One have been working hard to practice their addition skills, by counting altogether and counting on. Keep up the good work!

Science - ANIMALS The children grouped together animals according to their different features. Good job!

Measuring length, height and weight (mass) using non-standard units - cubes and handspans. Great job guys!!!

Wow! We've been super busy in Maths over the last few weeks. Numbers, numbers, numbers! Counting, reading and writing numbers. Making numbers using lots of equipment. Counting in 10's and one more and one less than a number. Even had time for some measuring.

We've had a little visitor in class.

Our class rules. We spent some time thinking about what rules are, why we should have them and why they are important to us. We have all agreed to follow these rules to make Year One a happy and enjoyable place to learn.

Our LEARNING POWERS. These learning powers are going to help us throughout Year One to become independent learners.

Observing seasonal change. We are going to see how the horse chestnut tree in the church yard changes throughout the seasons in Year One. We will take regular pictures and sketches in our Art & Design sketch books to note any changes. Beautiful day for it. The leaves on the tree are still a very vivid green colour.

Welcome to Year One Class of 2019/2020 !


Please watch this space for what we have been learning about in class.


We have already been so busy learning lots of new things. Everyone is trying so hard and have settled in well to Year One.