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Year Six

We have been learning about classification in Science. We tried to classify different types of sweets and place them in a classification key. 

History Detectives.

We invited a local historian into school to investigate our local World War heroes from Colne.

We have found out that Guy Halfhead was a soldier from Colne, who died of his injuries during World War 2 and is buried in our church yard.

History Detectives!

During our classification topic in science, we have become pellet detectives.

We have been dissecting owl pellets to see what their last meal was! Owls are carnivorous and eat a wide range of animals, including birds, voles, mice, rabbits, frogs and insects. Not having teeth, owls will either eat their prey whole or tear it into chunks wuth their sharp beaks. Once swallowed, the food travels down the owl's oesophagus to the gizzard. Soft parts of the prey are then broken up by enzymes, but the hard bony components and other elements such as hair and feathers remain undigested. These are then 'regurgitated' or coughed up as a pellet, before the owl can eat its next meal. Pellets are not droppings, as they do not pass through the intestine. They are usually quite soft to the touch and are odourless.

As you can see, we really enjoyed this activity and learnt lots from it!

Pellet Detectives!


Macbeth by William Shakespeare


Macbeth - The Three Witches

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We have been using drama in English to understand the battle between Scotland and Norway and to infer what kind of character Macbeth is. We also used drama to visualise what the three witches might have been like. Here are some videos to show what the children have been doing this week.


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