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Year Three

We have been learning about care homes and have decided to make a gift for a person in a care home. We hope they will cheer them up and let them know how much we care.

Greek Afternoon. What a fantastic time we have had with the Lancashire Heritage Service. We learnt all about the Greek timeline; Greek city states, the myth of Icarus and were able to handle lots of artefacts. Can you work out what they are?

Design Technology - making a moving picture book with levers and linkages, sliders and pop ups.

More Science today - we combined all our knowledge on magnets to design and make a variety of magnetic games. We chose which magnet and which material would be the most suitable. Lots of ATTRACTIONS for everyone!

Year 3's Spring Good Work Assembly. Well done everyone, you were absolutely fantastic!

Delicious smells were coming from our classroom today, as we made our own pizzas. We made sure our partners were grating and cutting safely before they cut. Each pizza was different, with a wide variety of healthy toppings to choose from. Don't forget to complete your evaluations when you eat them up! Yum yum!

Here is our class science display. Do you have any magnets at home? Perhaps on the fridge? Can you test materials around your home to see if they are magnetic or not? Happy investigating scientists!

This week, we scientists have been investigating magnets. We have experimented to see which magnet is the strongest and what materials they attract.

We have been busy using our senses to investigate different toppings for pizzas. We have used a grid to help us decide our favourites, ready to plan a pizza that will not only be healthy but our friends will love!

Guess who? Today Miss Pickering was taken over by the ghost of the famous palaeontologist Mary Anning. She hopes they remember all the facts she told them, ready to write her biography!

More wonderful work with the inspiration of Hokusai. Printing this time. The Japanese kanji, reads fire mountain or volcano. First we used a wash of water colour for the sky or sea using hot and cold colours and then we lino printed out ideas.

Today we have been scientists. We have been finding out about different forces and then we've been predicting, experimenting, recording and concluding! We've been testing if different surfaces affect the movement of a car. Whilst making sure we perform a fair test... Can you guess which surfaced slowed the car down the most?

Check out our budding Petrologists (study of rocks) in Year 3! As part of our topic 'What Makes the Earth Angry' Year 3 have been comparing and grouping together different types of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple properties. 

Year 3 devised a test to investigate how much water different rocks absorb.

... and now we have budding Pedologists too (the study of soils). Year 3 have been studying different types of soils and have recognised that they are made from rocks and organic matter. We got very messy investigating which soils soak up water the best and which soils drain the best.

We've been busy studying the artist Hokusai and his 36 pictures of Mount Fuji. We've looked particularly at `The Great Wave' and used pastels to recreate our own Tsunami waves. Take a look!!

Topic - What makes our world angry? We've had an 'explosive' start to the term too. We have been enjoying the story of Escape from Pompeii and learning about where volcanos are located and how they erupt. Watch this space for more.....


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Wow! We have been investigating the artist Hokusai and his artwork, 'the Great Wave'. Look at our sketch books where we have tried to sample the watercolours he used, patterns and techniques. Aren't they fab?!

Christmas arts and crafts. Half of our cards went to raise Christmas spirit in Favourdale, the local nursing home.Using techniques of collage, marbling, water-colour and threading. Merry Christmas everyone! 🌲

Look at the fab, history display we created. We've had a fantastic time learning about prehistoric times!

A smelly day for year 3. We architects have been dissecting stone age poo! We think this is from a hunter gatherer!

Science - We have been finding out how animals including humans move around. We know that the human skeleton supports us , protects vival organs and helps us move. We have been learning some new names of the bones in our body with a little help from a visitor to class.

Science - we have found it really interesting comparing our skeletons to other animals skeletons and how they are the same and different. We have tried to idenfity the animals by the bones in their bodies and which bones they could be.

Exploring how are joints help us to move - Year 3 have been exploring the different types of joints in our body and how the muscles work together to make our joints move. Check out our moving replicas.

Art & Design - We have been investigating what Stone Age paintings tell us. We have used our sketch books to experiment with different drawing media e.g. drawing pencils, oil pastels, charcoals and chunky graphite pencils. We have observed closely Stone Age paintings and produced sketches.

Art & Design - colour mixing


We have revised which colours are primary colours and how to make secondary colours. We have also used black and white to create shades and tones. We have then observed the colours used in Stone Age paintings and suggested how they created the colours as they definitely did not have red or brown paints in plastic bottles like we have today!!!

Art & Design - Cave Paintings/drawing. We have used oil pastels to produce these drawings of an example of a Stone Age painting. We observed the colours used, shapes, lines and shades.

Art & Design - we have been discussing how we thought Stone Age people created their art. We got a little messy using our hands and making our own paint brushes and paint from natural materials.

What a super trip to our local Ball Grove! We found out all about how to identify trees by their leaves, what plants need to grow, we used keys and identified all the different parts of the tree.

We learnt about all the parts of the tree and the job they do.

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The Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan

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For National poetry day, we have been learning how to perform and entertain people with the nonsense poem 'On the Ning Nang Nong' by Spike Milligan. We hope our makes you smile :)

Stone Age homes... Which would you like to live in the most, and why?

We've been learning about different harvests around the world and discussing the importance of Harvest. Do you like the pumpkins and apples we've made? They have words such as: 'Thank you God for our food and drinks', 'Harvest is important because we can share food with others' and 'I love harvest because we can pray and sing together in church', written on them. Why is harvest special to you?

Soon Year 3 are going to be making their own Stone Age houses, so we have been busy researching all the materials and shapes used by the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic people and making mood boards. Take a look...

Year 3 have been architects. Look at the Stone Age artefacts they have found. Who would have thought the Amesbury Archer would have been here at Christ Church! There was one artefact missing. Who can remember what it was?

In English we are studying 'The boy with the bronze axe.' Who would like to ask Tenko a question? Maybe you'd like too know which animal fur he is wearing or whether his girdle is made of sinew.