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Year Three

In Science we are learning about forces. We have been working scientifically to conduct a fair test to measure the amount of force needed to move a car on different surfaces. We used the same sized car, the same amount of elastic bands but just changed the variable. We investigated using sand, grass, gravel and a flat wooden surface.
We made Stonehenge out of biscuits!!
During our poetry topic in English, we have been learning a poem called 'If I'd Been Born a Caveman' by Myles Mcleod. We have performed it using intonation, tone and volume.


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If I'd Been Born a Caveman by Myles Mcleod.

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We have been learning about different layers of soil during Science. We have made a dirt pudding, which consisted of;

Mantle                    -   Strawberry sauce

The Earth's crust   - A biscuit to sit on top

Bedrock                  - A slice of apple

Subsoil                    - Angel Delight

Topsoil                     - Crushed oreo

Organic matter      - Jelly snakes

We then labelled the pudding before eating it!


Dirt Pudding

We have been using stencils and charcoal to create cave drawings.

Cave Drawings

We are learning about the Stone Age in Year Three. We have made some spears that the hunter gatherers would have used to catch animals for food and clothing. We used air drying clay and shaped it into a spear head. The Stone Age people would have carved them out of flint.

Map reading skills

Historical map investigation.

We have been History Detectives in Year Three. A local Historian visited our class to help us discover whether John Fort ( the Dambuster during World War Two) went to Christ Church Colne. After examining all the evidence, we came to the conclusion that he definitely did! 

We are detectives!