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Attendance and Holidays

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Moments Matter, Attendance Counts.

Good attendance at school is vital.

Our attendance target is set at 95% for every child - ideally all children should strive to achieve 100% attendance, however we appreciate that illness can lead to time away from school.


Persistent Absence is when a child misses 10% or more of their schooling (for any reason).  As a school we constantly monitor attendance and where concerns arise we will discuss these with you.

Is My Child to Ill for School?

Always phone school on 01282 865398 and leave a message on our absence line if your child is unable to attend school.   


If your child is absent, and we have not heard from you, it is our policy to telephone to establish why your child is not in school.


Struggling to get your child into school?

If you are struggling to get your child into school, for whatever reason, please do contact us. 

We will do all we can to help support you.  We aim to work in partnership with you and may, if needed, be able to help engage other services to overcome any barriers.


Moments Matter, Attendance Counts - did you know that nationally in 2018/19, just 40% of persistently absent children in Key Stage 2 achieved expected standards, compared with 84% of pupils who were regular attenders.