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This academic year we will focus on ‘God’s Big Story’.  Why?  To give children a better understanding and overview of the Bible - children will be familiar with individual stories from the Bible but, do they really understand where the stories fit within the ‘big story’ and God’s salvation plan? 


Over the course of the academic year we will use the Biggest Story Bible Storybook, Barnabus Children's Bible and Lion Storyteller Bible to cover key themes in the Bible which will, at a basic level, tell the story of:

  • Creation (God created the heavens and the earth and everything was good),
  • Fall (humankind spoilt creation and broke the relationship with God - humans became in need of rescue)
  • People of God (in the Old Testament God tries to restore his relationship with people – choosing particular people to work with him.  He spoke through the words of the prophets, but the people did not listen and were awaiting the Messiah),
  • Incarnation (The arrival of the Messiah, the Saviour, to rescue the people from the results of the fall and restore their relationship with God.  Jesus, the Son of God, who came to live among us).
  • Gospels (Jesus’ good news for everyone.  His life, ministry and teaching, showing people what it means to live in relationship with God who is their father, and loves them).
  • Salvation (The death and resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate rescue plan.  God’s people are saved because, through Jesus, sin is dealt with and forgiveness offered.  People can now choose to follow the way back to God).
  • Kingdom of God (God’s kingdom is the world as God intended it to be.  Christians look forward to the day when God’s kingdom fully comes and earth and heaven are transformed.  Until that time they strive to build the kingdom in their communities, empowered by the Holy Spirit and reflecting Jesus’ example in the world).


Clergy Worship – Tuesday:

Our Vicars, Reverend Andy Froud and Reverend David Hargreaves come into school every Tuesday morning.  Over the course of the school year they will explore with the children:  Who is God?  Who Jesus said he was; and learn about `Jesus the Teacher'.


Wednesday Class Worship:

Class worship this year will be based on a mixture of:

  • Picture News materials  
  • Values for Life – each half term will focus on a different Christian Value (Virtue) as follows:
  • Autumn Term 1st Half: Creativity
  • Autumn Term 2nd Half: Peace
  • Spring Term 1st Half: Justice
  • Spring Term 2nd Half: Forgiveness
  • Summer Term 1st Half: Trust
  • Summer Term 2nd Half: Courage


Thursday Worship:

Mrs Rayner will explore Christianity as a Worldwide Faith and utilise Picture News Materials  This will also be an opportunity for ‘sing and praise’ alternative worship.


    Friday – Celebration Praise:

    This will continue to be a rewards based celebration service – giving thanks to God for our wonderful gifts and talents. 

    This will be hosted by Mr Peers and/or Mrs Rayner.  Children are encouraged to bring any certificates of achievement into school for us to share in their successes. 


    Our worship materials link with the Blackburn Diocesan RE scheme of work and also Understanding Christianity materials (prepared by the Church of England Education Office).  


    Additionally, we shall occasionally learn about different 'people of faith' which highlights faith in action and demonstrates how Christian values are 'lived out'. 



    Collective Worship Policy

    Christian Values we will Explore in 2023/24

    In the second half of Summer term our Christian Value / Virtue is...

    Here are some ideas, based on the Christian Value we are discussing in school this half term, of activities and things to discuss and reflect upon.


    You might:

    • Talk about the short introduction and think about and discuss the questions posed together
    • Read together a version of a key Bible story
    • Think about the 'Words of Wisdom' and reflect upon this
    • Share the fascinating facts and marvel at them
    • Try completing the Family Focus activity
    • Complete the Home School Challenge (don't forget to send your efforts in to school)
    • Talk about the inspirational character in the 'Hall of Fame' and reflect on how they have demonstrated the value in the way they have lived their lives


    More about our Core Christian Values...

    Easter at Christ Church - Holy Week: Learning about 'The Servant King' and 'The Last Supper'

    Easter 2024: For our Easter Service children made this cross depicting the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.

    Harvest at Christ Church

    The Bishop of Blackburn leading our worship. With help from some children he explained the story of St Nicholas and why we receive gifts at Christmas. He also challenged the children to be generous this Christmas; with their love, time and kindness.