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Year One

Year one have been learning about being baptisum. We have learnt it is an occasion when promises are made to God and people are welcomed into the church. People of any age can be baptised in a font, pool or a river. We have even re-enacted a baptisum in class with a vicar, parents, God parents, guests using a 'font', holly water, a special dress, a candle, certificate, we said special prayers and promises. We have also learnt about the story of when John baptised Jesus in the river Jorden. 

RE- Why is baptisum so special?

Geography - Learning the location of the 7 continents, north pole, south pole, equator and hot and cold areas of the world. Check out our hot and cold art work too!

Art & Design


We have been learning about and practicing many art skills....

-large scale and small scale art

-different materials and media - large brushes, small brushes, water colours, chalks, pastels, pencil.

-hot and cold colours

-mixing colours to make dark and light colours

-using artists work as inspiration - Eye Candy Bruce Gray and Yellow, Red and Blue by Wassily Kandinsky



Art & Design

Maths - we like to use equipment to help us with our Maths. We are using cubes and tens and ones to measure length and compare lengths.

Mother's Day - we enjoyed making special gifts, cards and writing a poem for our amazing Mums, Grandmas and special women in our lives.

Safer Internet Day - we came up with our own rules for staying safe when on our tablets.

Our Easter egg competition winners - CRACKING!

Great effort by Year 1. Super egg decorating!

Computing - learning how to turn the laptop on and off, log in with a username and password, get on and off the internet, open a word document and starting to learn how to type.

We hope you enjoyed the handmade gift that the children have recently brought home for you. How did it feel for you to receive the gift?

RE - Christmas - Why do we give and recieve gifts? The story of St Nicolas.




Year One have been working really hard to blend and segment CVCC and CCVC words for reading and spelling. They have been building words using their sounds knowledge and enjoyed taking part in a connect four style game to create words. It got quite competitive but the children really enjoyed practicing their phonics skills. Fantastic work!!!

Autumn Art & Science - observing what is going on around us using water colours and paying attention to Autumn colours.

Here are Year One, Two and Reception taking part in worship lead by Mr Peers via zoom.

Anti Bullying - Year One created Anti Bullying superhero's. Each superhero has a power and they stand up for and protect people. Say no to bullying. SUPERWORK!!!!

Exploring number families e.g. 5 2 and 7, 5+2=7, 3+5=7, 7=5+2 and 7=2+5

Science - Which season is it and how do we know?


Year One are being weather watchers. We have been keeping a weather diary to track the weather and see what the weather is like in Autumn. We have been measuring the rainfall, temperature, wind direction and wind speed. We have been observing what is going on around us and we have been and will continue to observe the changes of a large oak tree outside through out the year. 

Year One have explored the Jewish festival of Sukkot


  • We have listened to and talked about the story of the Jews being led by Moses from slavery in Egypt into the desert.
  • We know when all the harvest is gathered in, the festival of Sukkot is celebrated. 
  • We have explored the Jewish festival of Sukkot and have had fun building a sukkah shelter.
  • We know throughout the week of Sukkot Jewish families eat meals in the Sukkah.
  • We have watched a video and talked about a young boy and his experience over the festival of Sukkot. We have imagined what the festival of Sukkot and building the Sukkah must feel like for a Jewish child, perhaps it is similar to putting up the Christmas tree and having Christmas dinner.

Year One enjoying building a Jewish sukkah shelter.

Harvest - Year One really enjoyed learning about where are food actually comes from, from around the world especially that chocolate comes from co co beans.

PSHE - Relationships


What is the same and different about us?


Year One have explored the correct names for the main parts of the body. We also learnt other vocabulary like the shin, sole of the foot, thigh, palm of the hand, shoulder blade, jaw and ear lobe. 

Worship - An artists eye on creation


Year One explored the art work of Janet Wright-Reed. The beauty of her surroundings inspired her to create some art work for her local church. Year One explored her work and noticed her favourite parts of creation. We also explored other paintings of creation and disussed how thankful we are.


We created some of her artwork using water colours, paying particular attention to the colours she used. 

Science - Everyday materials and their properties


Year one have learnt the difference between an objects, the material is is made from and it properties. They are able to describe different materials and their properties and have carried out an investigation to find out the best material to mop up a spill and why.

w/c 9/11 This week we have been practising the technique of printing - we have printed firework pictures using hot colours and poppy pictures on a watercolour base :)

w/c 1/10 - Busy, busy, busy! Lots of counting and representing numbers in different ways. We've also been practising letter formation and our writing. And on top of all that we've been investigating moving toys - phew! Keep practising counting to 20 at home - forwards and backwards :)

w/c 21st September - this week we have enjoyed reading the Paper dolls by Julia Donaldson. We made paper dolls and thought about all the ways that we can be a good friend. We've also, made sock puppets, that can help us with our phonics; done lots of maths assessment games, and played lots more old fashioned games including hopscotch, marbles, noughts and crosses, and snakes and ladders. Instead of using numbers in our hopscotch we used phase 2 and phase 3 phonics sounds - perhaps you could have a go at this at home? The children loved it.

Year 1 have had a wonderful return and start to the 2020/21 school year. Below are a few snippets of fun. We have been discussing toys from the past, making cup and ball holders and thinking about what our grandma and grandad's would have asked for on their Christmas list. We have been exploring our lovely new room by being busy in the toy shop; sorting objects and playing with old toys :)