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EYFS Intent Statement


Be Inspired

At Christ Church, we believe that high level engagement ensures high level attainment. We therefore provide our children with a curriculum that is designed to be flexible, engaging and exciting so that their unique needs, passions, and interests are embraced. We follow our children’s interests and ideas to foster a lifelong love of learning both in and outside of school. We aspire our children to become accomplished, enthusiastic, happy individuals, ready to reach their full potential in an ever-changing world.



Be Articulate

At Christ Church primary school, we recognise that oracy not only improves academic success but is a life skill that ensures success beyond school, in life and our children’s future. In EYFS, we enable our children to become confident, fluent and effective communicators by engaging in high-quality interactions, providing an environment that is language rich and support them in becoming attentive listeners. Oracy also develops children’s thinking and understanding, which in turn promotes self-confidence, resilience and empathy. Through our play-based curriculum we provide and promote opportunities for children to collaborate with others and teach them how to share and express their ideas in a respectful manner, whilst being open to others ideas and opinions.


Be Community Minded

The curriculum in EYFS enables children to build their sense of community by providing them with opportunities to learn about their immediate and wider family and community, and their past and present experiences in their own lives. We explore how our school community, local community and wider community are important to us and the contributions that they make to our lives.

Children are encouraged to think carefully about their individuality and to observe similarities and differences of the people in their family and their community. We encourage children to celebrate being a part of a diverse community and world.



Be Empowered

As soon as children enter Christ Church Primary school, they are positively encouraged to be as independent as possible and to engage in new experiences. Learning opportunities are carefully planned to meet each individual child’s needs and stage of development, ensuring that our children have the best start to their education. Child initiated play-based learning is at the heart of our practice. They are provided with opportunities and experiences to explore the ‘real world’ by learning through continuous provision and play. Christ Church children are encouraged to be empowered; to be risk takers and mistake makers, to be resilient and confident learners and to be the best that they can be by aiming high




Be Inquisitive

The curriculum in EYFS is inspired by the curious nature of the children. Through continuous provision, the children are actively encouraged to investigate and ask questions about the immediate world and the wider world unknown to them. They are provided with time to engage in sensory exploration and play-based contexts, provoking investigations and providing them with opportunities to research their own answers. Learning opportunities allow the children to become more flexible in their thinking, moving comfortably between the real and the imaginary world.