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Year Three

smiley Welcome to Year 3! smiley


Hello! We are Mrs. Rayner and Mrs. Tilsley - and we are your teachers this year.

Our Year 3 teaching assistant is Mrs. Hill. 

Mrs. Rayner will be teaching at the beginning of each week (Mondays and Tuesdays).

Mrs. Tilsley will be teaching at the end of each week (Thursdays and Fridays).

We will be sharing Wednesdays - teaching alternate Wednesdays each week.


Our door is always open so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question or a concern. You can use our Year 3 Teams account, email, telephone or grab us on the yard before and after school.


P.E. days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays so please ensure your child has their P.E. kit in school and on their peg ready for these lessons.


We will be sending homework on Fridays each week this year. Please can completed homework be returned to school the following Wednesday to be checked and for reading books to be changed.


Your child will also benefit from bringing a bottle of water to school every day in order to stay hydrated and ready to learn!




Thank you for your help in supporting your child as they begin their learning journey in Key Stage 2!





A happy Easter to everyone!

Year 3 went to Manchester to visit the Sri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara today to learn more about Sikhism. What an incredible time we had and we learned so much too! Firstly, we had to take off our shoes and put on head scarves to show our respect. We went into the main prayer hall where Resham talked to us about what it means to be a Sikh. He showed us his kara and told us about how he has never cut his hair as it is a gift from God. We got to ask Resham lots of questions. Then we went upstairs to 'the bedroom' where the Guru Granth Sahib (the special book for Sikhs) was sleeping. After that we went back downstairs to the langar hall where we were invited to eat rice and vegetables for langar. Well done, Year 3! You were all very respectful, curious and well-mannered. Have a look at the photographs from our visit...

On Wednesday this week we went to Burnley Youth Theatre to meet up with our linking partners from Bradley Primary. It was the first time that we all met each other face to face. We felt a mix of excitement and nervousness about seeing each other. However, everyone had made a new friend by the end of the day and we enjoyed finding out about our similarities and differences. What a fantastic day of fun and games and even a performance at the end! Well done, Christ Church! Well done, Bradley! laugh  

In History this week we have been researching Stonehenge. We investigated the artefacts that archaeologists have excavated from the Stonehenge landscape and put forward our theories about the monument using the finds as evidence.

Why was Stonehenge built?

When was it built?

How long did it take to build?

Who built it?

What was its purpose?

Then we had a go at reproducing Stonehenge using biscuits! Have a look at our 'biscuit henges'...

Year 3 did their celebration assembly today. We showcased all of the learning we have enjoyed so far this year including our work about news reports, Antarctica, Ernest Shackleton and The Stone Age. We also performed the poem 'I Was Born in The Stone Age'. Have a look at some of the key moments...

Take a look at the culmination of our work about Stone Age cave art. What amazing artists we are!

Year 3 have been Stone Age artists this week. We went hunter-gathering for natural materials in our local area that we could use to make tools to paint with. Then we found some natural pigments that we mixed with egg white or water to create Stone Age paint. We managed to create the colours black, red, yellow, orange and brown. We used the things we found and made to do some process art. We weren't aiming to produce an amazing finished work of art. Instead we were investigating how the first known artists might have created their cave paintings. We learned lots! Take a look...

Today we had our first meet up on Zoom with our new friends from Year 3 at Bradley Primary School. It was great to finally see each other! We played lots of games to get to know each other. I think our favourite games were the drawing challenge (drawing with a whiteboard on our heads!) and 'Would You Rather..?' - would you rather ride on a unicorn or stroke a tiger? Here are some photos of us enjoying our session.

Have a look at Michael Rosen performing his poem - 'I Was Born in The Stone Age'...

Our History topic this half-term is about how life in Britain changed from The Stone Age through to The Iron Age. We have kicked our work off with making some clay arrowheads. When the clay has dried we are going to attach the arrowheads to sticks with twine to make some replica Stone Age hunting spears.

Year 3 artists have been busy creating some art work for the Colne Light It Up! Festival on February 24th. Our masterpieces are going to be displayed in the shop windows in Colne. They are also going to be back lit so they should look amazing! Make sure you go along to see if you can spot our contributions...

Science this half term is all about the functions of a skeleton. We have been finding out about the bones in a human hand. We designed and made bionic hands. The joints we put into the bionic hands worked really well at picking up objects like scrunched up balls of paper. They also proved to be very good head and back scratchers too! Have a look here...


Still image for this video

Welcome back to school for the beginning of the Spring Term everyone. Please can we remind the children to bring their reading books into school every day and also to take them home at the end of each school day so that they can continue to practise their reading fluency at home.


Our class read this half term is 'Einstein The Penguin' by Iona Rangeley. It fits really well with our English and Geography topic about Antarctica.

Keep practising those times table recall skills with your Times Table Rock Stars account!

We are taking part in the Linking Schools Project where we link up with a Year 3 class from another local primary school. Here we are about to post our first communication with our partner school - some colourful bunting all about us. We can't wait to receive the bunting from our new pen pals...

Our Remembrance Day poppies display...

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them...

Year 3 were set a homework research mission to find out about the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. They used the information about her art as inspiration to create their own piece of art or fact file. Have a look at the fantastic results...

We began our Autumn 2 Science work today. We are going to be learning about forces including magnets. In our investigations today we tried different ways of applying a force to an object in order to make it move. We tried pushing and pulling as well as producing friction by rubbing our hands together until they became warm. We also tried jumping up into the air and surprise, surprise we didn't stay floating in the air but landed back on the ground. That's gravity for you! 

In Design Technology we have been using seasonal vegetables to make delicious tarts. They were healthy for us and better for our planet by reducing food miles. Take a look...

In Science we have been looking carefully at different types of rocks. We have been describing their properties and classifying them accordingly. Take a look at us being rock detectives here...

In our Design Technology lesson this week we have been thinking about seasonal food. In our shopping bag we had bought bananas that were grown in Colombia, satsumas from South Africa, grapes that came from Spain and blueberries that had travelled all the way from Peru for us to be able to buy them in Colne! We used this fruit selection from around the world to make fruit kebabs. Delicious!

yesyes We love reading in Year 3! Reading is the key to everything else  we learn at school. Here is a list of quality, age appropriate books for your Year 3 child.